Notes from on the lam.

I know I've always had a rather unfortunate flair for the melodramatic, and with age I feel like I've turned this intensity into more of a maudlin comedy routine than an actual personality trait. However, the way things have been going for me over the past year and a half could be classified as nothing else than utter shit. I've been shit on. The entire time. It's all right, I don't mind, I know that I'll be wiser and tougher for it, and all things considered, ( however much I do or don't believe in karma, ) I probably deserve most of everything that's happened to me.

That being said, one glimmer of fortune has shown upon me, and I will be leaving Austin at the end of May. It's been a fabulous but mostly devastating endless party. But those kind of fun things make you wake up feeling empty, and I've been empty for a while yet. Here's my mix, under the heading "WORSE," as in, "worse for wear." Like a toast over past misfortunes, and here's looking forward to where ever the fuck I end up, destination relatively unknown.

1. After Laughter ( Comes Tears ) - Wendy Rene
2. The Little Engineers Set - The Dentists
3. You Can't Steal A Gift - El Perro Del Mar
4. Mr. Sad - Marc Almond
5. Wheels - Flying Burrito Brothers
6. Since I Fell For You - Vince Guaraldi Trio
7. At Least That's What You Said - Wilco
8. Tears For Affairs - Camera Obscura
9. Requiem - Para One
10. Who Knows - Marion Black
11. Suicide Saddle - The Flesh Eaters
12. What Else Could It Be ? - Lambchop
13. I Keep Forgettin' ( Every Time You're Near ) - Chuck Jackson
14. Behind The Blue Curtains - El Michels Affair
15. Kletva - Ladytron
16. Pardon My Heart - Neil Young
17. Marleras Finest - Dungen
18. Cry Me A River - Julie London
19. Fences - Phoenix
20. You're Gonna Hear From Me - Scott Walker

My best to everyone, please enjoy the mix, and fuck this growing up shit.

PS: If you want to visit Austin while I remain, you are absolutely more than welcome. We'll have a ball. Just let me know.

Case Study In Song: My Sweet Lord

Here's a bonus compilation that I put together. After joking with someone months back on the absurd possibility  of creating a comp featuring one 60 minute song, I had a bit more reasonable idea of a comp based on one song performed by a multitude of people. While peering through the various records at The AC Temple, I heard the strains of music playing from the quaint little 8-track player in the kitchen. The track was Nina Simone covering George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord", blended with the David Nelson poem "Today Is A Killer". Thus, the idea of the "My Sweet Lord" Case Study was born.

So why are the first two tracks not covers of "My Sweet Lord"? These are the songs that "My Sweet Lord" are based upon; whether this was intentional or otherwise by George Harrison can be determined by you, the listener.

At any rate, I concluded this comp with Billy Preston's inspired version performed at the tribute to George Harrison following his death in November 2001. Fitting version, as the song was originally composed for Billy Preston.

Case Study In Song: My Sweet Lord

<a href=""></a>

01. The Edwin Hawkins Singers - Oh Happy Day
02. The Chiffons - He's So Fine
03. George Harrison - My Sweet Lord
04. Nina Simone - My Sweet Lord/ Today Is A Killer (Live)
05. King Curtis - My Sweet Lord (Live)
06. The Chiffons - My Sweet Lord
07. John Holt - My Sweet Lord
08. The Wailing Souls - My Sweet Lord
09. Brenda Lee - My Sweet Lord
10. Vicky LeAndros - My Sweet Lord
11. Bola Seta - My Sweet Lord
12. Billy Preston - My Sweet Lord (Live)
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The Ebb & Flow

so, when I was first informed of Birmingham Comp Co-Op upon its' inception in January, I thought to myself  "Self, here's a chance for you to broaden your musical horizons!" With a few notable exceptions to include my complete love for all things D'n'B, my musical tastes were a bit mainstream. I thought that I'd be able to be tuned into some great under-the-radar music. And I have been. Unfortunately, I was informed that I'd be responsible for a mix as well.

This is what has been plaguing me since January. I've agonized and moped over this compilation because I knew that, with the aforementioned D'n'B exception, I would not bring anything new to the table. Most of the songs that I'd present would already reside in 75% of your harddrives and record collections. To add to my stress, I could not come up with unifying themes...

Last month, I realized that I needn't worry about that at all. Just allow the music to tell its' story instead of forcing my story upon the music. So, I've chosen a lot of random music, organizing it as if I were mixing records or cds and tried to see the story that the music told.
The Ebb & Flow

Disc 1

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01. The Sound Of Animals Fighting - The Heretic
02. William Sheller - Lux Aeterna Introit
03. David Porter - The Masquerade Is Over
04. Handsome Boy Modeling School ft Miho Hatori & Mike D. - Metaphysical
05. Force Of Nature - Sneak Chamber
06. Cursive - Bloody Murderer
07. The Red Sparowes - 03. The Soundless Dawn Came Alive as Cities Began to Mark the Horizon
08. Saul Williams - List Of Demands (Reparations)
09. Evol Intent ft Aaron Bedard - Smoke & Mirrors
10. Mindless Self Indulgence - You'll Rebel To Anything (As Long As It's Not Challenging)
11. The Mars Volta - Inertiatic ESP
12. Fugazi - Life And Limb
13. Eagles Of Death Metal - Chase The Devil
14. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Love All Of Me
15. Man... Or Astroman? - Cowboy Playing Dead (Live)
16. Sloan - She Says What She Means
17. Rocket From The Crypt - Bring Us Bullets
18. Porcupine Tree - The Creator Has A Mastertape
19. The Shins - Sleeping Lessons

Disc 2

<a href=""></a>

01. Evol Intent ft. Meatwad - Damn! That's A Big Hot Dog!
02. DJ Venom - D.M.C. Finals In L.A.
03. Roc Raida - Crossfaderz Scratch Exercise
04. M.F. DOOM - One Beer
05. Jaylib - The Mission (Stringed-Out Remix)
06. The Roots ft. J. Dilla - Dynamite!
07. Jedi Mind Tricks ft. Kool G. Rap - Animal Rap
08. Dilated Peoples - Panic
09. G.I.R. (Invader Zim) - The Doom Song
10. Evol Intent & Arsenic - Big Dicks & Thirsty Lips
11. Ewun - Screw Up
12. Tech Itch & Gein ft. MC Jakes - Killsound
13. The Upbeats - View From Inside
14. Ratatat - Lex
15. Luscious Jackson - Why Do I Lie? (Pants On Fire Mix)
16. Sia - Breathe Me
17. The Sound Of Animals Fighting - The Heretic (Evol Intent Remix)
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(no subject)

I got everything worked out. I was trying to make this too hard, but Michael helped me figure it out. Anyway, all this stuff is heavy funk n soul. I tried to put it in a rough order of release, but keep in mind it's only guess work for the most part. 

1. Let's Get Funky (live) - Hound Dog Taylor   This is pretty brutal for the time period. There would be no White Stripes or even Flat Duo Jets for that matter without Hound Dog. He sounds absolutely wasted here which is pretty fun. 
2. Bad Girl - Hermon Hitson  This is raw soul at its best. Kinda reminds me of the Sonics at times. We're hoping to get Hermon in Birmingham sometime this summer.
3. Didn't I -  Darondo  Imagine Al Green in a wrinkled suit with a hangover. 
4. Gator Tail - Lee Dorsey  He's my favorite New Orleans funkster. He scored big in the 60's with songs like Ya-Ya and Coalmine. 
5. I Forgot to Be Your Lover - William Bell  This is pretty sweet. It really got to me this winter. I used it for a profile song for a while and decided to include it. 
6. Those Were the Days - LaVie & Co.  This came to me via a comp called Good God! It's all funk gospel stuff. It seems the devil or a demon is upset that folks don't like to come see him in hell anymore. He raps about his memories of the good times they used to have down there. Wow!
7. Tell Me What's on Your Mind - Cyril Neville  I found this one day while researching The Meters. I was looking for stuff with vocals and found this. The chorus reminds me of Elvis Costello. 
8. Hook & Sling (pt. 2) - Eddie Bo  This is a dance track by another New Orleans cat. I gotta play with him in a couple of weeks. I've been listening to his stuff a lot and this is my favorite. 
9. Don't Tear Yourself Down - Ralph "Soul" Jackson  This guy's out of Alabama and he can't stand this song. I think it's pretty great. 
10. We Can Work it Out - Stevie Wonder  Beatles cover here. Gnarls Barkley ear yer hearts out!
11. Phone Message from Bobby Patterson  I was looking for some of his stuff and came across this. This was a message we got from him last year when we were doing a show together. 
12. TCB or TYA - Bobby Patterson  Hard funk by the Texas master himself. I don't know how he wasn't huge. There is no justice. 
13. Running - Baby Huey  Huey's band was called the Babysitters. He weighed over 400lbs and liked to wear loud clothing. I think this came off of his one and only full-length LP. He died around 1971 or 72. 
14. Bra - Cymande  This is actually something I came across while putting this whole thing together. I didn't know about Cymande or Darondo before now, but I plan on getting some of their stuff now. 
15. Nautilus - Bob James  This is funky jazz. I don't know a lot about this stuff, but I really dig this track. In researching it I found out it has been sampled countless times by hip hop artists. No suprise here. If you like Quincy Jones soundtracks you'll like this.

Comp for this week is coming!

I ran into some problems with my comp last night. I guess I'm the only person who didn't know I wasn't going to be able to use tracks from Itunes. I worked for quite a while this month to put this thing together and it was just the way I wanted it. I am going to continue to look around for replacement files of some of the tunes today. I'm looking for about 6 or 7 tunes. I have just found three of them in a pile of CD's I forgot about. I'm a little sick about some of the tracks I know I won't be able to include.  I'll see what I can get done by this evening and try to get my comp posted.
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Future Ex-Patriot {repost}

I apologize for having to re-post this. I don't mean to offend the mix-maker for 040708 but I was told that my files weren't zipped correctly. Mark has fixed them so here are the new links - really sorry.

-01- Vier Stücke für Xylonphonen - Spielbuch für Xylophon III Nr24 GUNILD KEETMAN
-02- Valentine JUSTICE
-03- Ark FRIDGE
-04- Little Bit LYKKE LI
-05- Dancing Behind My Eyelids MÚM
-08- Polca Mazurca GUINCHO, EL
-09- Mother of Pearl PRAM
-10- Sketch for Summer DURUTTI COLUMN, THE
-11- Mhondoro THOMAS MAPFUMO
-12- Machine Is Bored with Love ADD N TO(X)
-13- I Can't Move MARTIN CREED
-14- Psychedelic Woman HONNY & THE BEES BAND
-15- Occhi Miei RITA PAVONE
-17- I'll Come Running BRIAN ENO
-18- Hwehwe Mu Na Yi Wo Mpena K. FRIMPONG & HIS CUBANO FIESTAS
-19- Pickney Gal DESMOND DEKKER
-20- Cool, Calm & Collected ROLLING STONES, THE
-21- Do The Dog EL PERRO DEL MAR
-22- Les Jours Tristes YANN TIERSEN
-23- Boot of Fog MÚM

Dubious Soundtrack.

Here you are, Reader, a creation which is, to me, the soundtrack to scenes of potential depravity and wickedness. And I mean in more of a Lynchian, unsettling way. I know that it may be spring and shit, but for now my tastes are a little creepier than that. So enjoy some slight evil.


1 / Lost Lust - Peanut Butter Wolf
2 / I Count the Tears - The Drifters
3 / Melody Day - Caribou
4 / Heal Thy Fish - Transmography
5 / Soul Traveling - Gary Wilson
6 / Orange Skies - Love
7 / Think - Curtis Mayfield
8 / Transliterator - Devotchka
9 / Olson - Boards of Canada
10 / In Between the Heartaches - Dionne Warwick
11 / Roche - Sebastien Tellier
12 / Herzog - Clark
13 / Bangkok Cockfight - Martin Denny
14 / Humor Me - Pere Ubu
15 / Choking You - Prefuse 73

*I know that one if not a couple of these songs may have already appeared in films, but I ask you to appreciate them in this different context. I otherwise tried to avoid duplicates to actual soundtracks. And yes, many of these are instrumentals, but mostly electronic ones.

Please let me know if there are any problems with the comp file, I've never done this sort of thing before

Future Ex-Patriot

-01- Vier Stücke für Xylonphonen - Spielbuch für Xylophon III Nr24 GUNILD KEETMAN
-02- Valentine JUSTICE
-03- Ark FRIDGE
-04- Little Bit LYKKE LI
-05- Dancing Behind My Eyelids MÚM
-08- Polca Mazurca GUINCHO, EL
-09- Mother of Pearl PRAM
-10- Sketch for Summer DURUTTI COLUMN, THE
-11- Mhondoro THOMAS MAPFUMO
-12- Machine Is Bored with Love ADD N TO(X)
-13- I Can't Move MARTIN CREED
-14- Psychedelic Woman HONNY & THE BEES BAND
-15- Occhi Miei RITA PAVONE
-17- I'll Come Running BRIAN ENO
-18- Hwehwe Mu Na Yi Wo Mpena K. FRIMPONG & HIS CUBANO FIESTAS
-19- Pickney Gal DESMOND DEKKER
-20- Cool, Calm & Collected ROLLING STONES, THE
-21- Do The Dog EL PERRO DEL MAR
-22- Les Jours Tristes YANN TIERSEN
-23- Boot of Fog MÚM
hi, this is crystal joy. sorry i'm late. all songs were made outside degli stati uniti. 040108 040108 ii

It's Time We Wake These Dumbfucks Up

01. Modeling Sucks - Handsome Boy Modeling School (1999)
02. Revenge of the Black Regent - Add (N) to X (1999)
03. Beggin' (Pilooski Edit) - Frankie Valli (2007)
04. The Clapping Song - Shirley Ellis (1966)
05. Legal Tender - B2s (1983)
06. Don't Worry Kyoko (Mummy's Only Looking for Her Hand in the Snow) - Yoko Ono (1971)
07. Gravitys Rainbow - Klaxons (2007)*
08. Black Cactus Killers - Neon Blonde (2005)*
09. Kink - Archie Bronson Outfit (2006)*
10. Strange - Wire (1977)*
11. Cracked Actor - David Bowie (1973)
12. The Majestic - Clinic (2000)
13. Stanklove - OutKast (2000)
14. DJ Shangri-La - Clinic (2000)
15. Sailing to Byzantium - Liars (2007)*
16. Isle of Her - Klaxons (2007)*
17. Anthrax (Blood Brothers Remix) - Gang of Four (2005)
18. Options R - Wire (1977)*
19. Clear Island - Liars (2007)*
20. Walking With Thee - Clinic (2002)
21. 20th Century Boy - T. Rex (1973)
22. Highways of Gold - Jaguar Love (2007)
23. Chariot Choogle - T. Rex (1972)*
24. Christmas - Clinic (2002)
25. Those Who Stayed - Murder By Death (2002)

Good news! 72% of songs in this mix are 4-star and the rest are 5-star. I started thinking a lot about earlier mixes I've made and I remembered that for a while there in high school I would open a few of my mixes with "Modeling Sucks." I would invariably follow it with a hardcore song thinking that this was an ingenious juxtaposition. If you were lucky you got Botch's cover of "O'Fortuna" by Carl Orff (a version that I still think is A+). Maybe something by situationist-punk band Refused (remember they did release one of the truest titled albums of that century). That's not to say that all my mixes were the same. Sequencing has always been important to my process. Arguably the most important part, since I just kinda pile songs up and then pare away. So, what you get isn't any theme. But, what I think this mix is trying to get across is that as long as you're making good music it doesn't matter what it sounds like.
If you've hung out with me at all I'm sure you know that "Legal Tender" is one of my favorite songs - now you have your very own copy. The theme of the song is one that's very close to my heart - getting money for nothing (for a while I had "Free Money" by Patti Smith on here to emphasize this).
To help out the uninitiated I'll talk about "Black Cactus Killer" a little. Basically what you've got is a choir (The Black Cactus Choir) who travels by hot-air balloon around the Neon Savannah. The thing is "assassins with tusks and glasses" sneak onto their balloons' baskets. Neon Blonde is two ex-members of The Blood Brothers and "Chandeliers In The Savannah" is great as a whole album.
"Cracked Actor" is the only David Bowie song that wasn't on that Wes Anderson movie about water (you know, the one before the train and after the house).
As far as Clinic goes, everyone should listen to them. If I had things my way they'd play all my birthdays, all my weddings, anniverseries, my only funeral, and both my wakes. I usually have an aversion to putting songs from the same band so close, but I think it works well here. "Stanklove" is a standout song in the OutKast catalog. You really can't diss a group that can successfully hypnotize it's audience into being better lovers.
You can't skip fifteen cuz it holds the titular line. No one wants to miss that ("Man, I'm just so tired of all these star wars").
"Anthrax" gave me trouble with titling because is it really a remix (as the Brothers say) or a cover with vocal samples? You tell me.
Murder By Death is a pretty cool band. Crystal and I got to catch them a few years ago at The Bomb Shelter (RIP). The cellist/pianist completely stole the show. "Those Who Stayed" is from Like the Exorcist, But More Breakdancing which is mostly an instrumental album. You should really check out their Who Will Survive & What Will Be Left of Them? It's a concept album about what happens after a man shoots Satan in the back at a bar in Texas. Really great!
This comp is dedicated to Randy B and anyone who's ever been kicked out, stepped on, held down. In Suburbia we were called T.R. Kids; in The Outsiders we were called greasers; in The Dark Crystal we were called Gelflings.

* Albums that should be listened to in whole
Derdang Derdang
Myths of the Near Future
Chandeliers in he Savannah
Who Will Survive and What Will Be Left of Them